Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is BIS?
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India, functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Government of India. BIS has published more than 19000 Indian Standards (IS) and Priced Publications (PP) which are presently available for sale. Every year, more than 400 new standards and 400 amendments are published.
2. How do I purchase a Standard in the BIS e-sale portal?
Please register/login to purchase a standard. Credit cards, debit cards, Net banking and various other options are allowed for making payment. Free amendments can be downloaded after logging in.
3. What are all the search options available?
There are various types of search options are available. Basic search is provided by using the the crieteria for standard number or Standard title. Various advanced search option is available under the advance search tab which includes Search on Scope, Module etc..
4. How do I search for a standard in the portal?
In normal search enter the IS number or title of the standard you are looking for. The search will be done and results matching the words entered will be displayed.
5. How do I perform advanced search?
Advanced search option is available to search a standard based on Scope, Module and published date. This search is meant for advanced users having more information about the standard they are searching for.
6. Do I really need to register in the portal?
Yes. If you have intended to purchase standards from the portal then registration is a must. If you have intended not to make any purchases, but to search for standards.
7. How do I download free standards or Amendments?
Amendments or Featured Free Downloads is available at the bottom right hand corner section named Free Amendments. Click on the pdf button to start the download.
8. How do I retrieve the lost password?
Click on login and choose forgot password, provide the registered email ID and link will be sent to that email with a link. By clicking the link you will be redirected to reset password page on our portal.
9. How do I activate an account?
As soon as registration of account is done, an email is sent to your email account. Please refer the email and click on the activate link on your email. Thank you, your account is activated message appears on the BIS e-sale portal upon successful activation of your account.
10. Do I really need to activate my account?
Yes. If you intended to use the account created/registered for purchasing standards in the portal, account created/registered by you need to be activated before the same can be used.