IS 15544 : 2004 /IEC 61080 : 1991 Guide to the Measurement of Equivalent Electrical Parameters of Quartz Crystal Units

ICS 31.140 LTD 5
Reaffirmed 2022

National Foreword

This Indian Standard which is identical with IEC 61080 : 1991 `Guide tothe measurement of equivalent electrical parameters of quartz crystalunits' issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) wasadopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the recommendations of thePiezoelectric Quartz and Ceramic Devices for Frequency Control andSelection Sectional Committee and approval of the Electronics andTelecommunications Division Council.

Cross Reference

International Standard Corresponding Indian Standard
IEC 302 : 1969 IS 7962 : 1975 Methods of measurement forpiezoelectric
vibrations operating over the frequency range up to 30 MHz