IS 15909 : 2020 PVC Geomembranes for Lining - Specification

ICS 59.080.70                         TXD 30

Revised Standard from Last Update.


1.1 This standard covers the requirements for PVC geomembrane (flexible polyvinyl chloride) of two categories (Category A and B) depending upon their end use.

1.1.1 Category A includes lining for use in canals, ponds, reservoirs, water features (bodies) for seepage control, for lining of landfills, hazardous waste management, solid waste management and industrial effluent for waste containments and for water proofing of basement, roof/terrace.

1.1.2 Category B includes PVC geomembrane for unexposed application for use in large underground civil structures, basement, road underpasses, waterproofing of rail/road tunnels, bunkers, dams and other mega civil structures. These can also be used for water proofing of unexposed roofs and terrace.

1.2 The tests used to characterize the PVC geomembrane, are intended to ensure good workmanship and quality and are not necessarily adequate for design purposes in view of the importance of environmental factors and specific performance objectives. Tests have been selected primarily with essentially natural aqueoussystem in mind. Other tests may be necessary to establish chemical resistance and durability under the condition of particular application.


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