IS 16350 : 2016 Enhanced Inscript Keyboard Layouts

ICS 35.040; 35.260


Reaffirmed 2020


This document specifies the character code-sets for representing Indian Languages and thereby their scripts as mentioned in the Annex D, on digital medium such as web-content, e-Pub documents, content on mobile and other handheld devices. It gives information about the character code values, character names and additionally some of the combinational characters that have a frequent usage in the language but are not encoded separately as a single character. Enhanced versions of the Inscript keyboard layouts have also been given. These enhancements are over the ISCII based Inscript keyboard layouts which were specified in IS 13194.

This document is divided in the following sections.

a) Section 1: ISO/IEC 10646 code charts along with the characters and their names.

b) Section 2: Enhanced Inscript Keyboard layouts

c) Section 3: An explanatory section on how the code points listed in section 1 map with the keyboard layouts given in the section 2.

Additionally, Annex B will help the developers in understanding various nuances and complexities involved in working with Indian languages on digital medium. It puts light on collation sequence, normalization routines and other important topics that a developer working with Indian Language content should be cognizant of.


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