IS 16508 : 2017 Swimming Pool for Public Code of Safety

ICS 97.220.10                          CHD 08

Reaffirmed 2022

1. Scope

1.1 This standard prescribes the code of safe practices for aspects of design, operation and maintenance of public swimming pool, keeping in view general and specific safety requirements.

1.2 This Code is not intended to contravene the provision of any of the existing Government regulations. It is the responsibility of the user of this Code to establish appropriate safety and health practices and comply with regulatory and statutory requirements.

1.3 This Code does not address residential and above ground swimming pools.


The standards listed below contain provisions which through reference in this text constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision and parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below:

3328 : 1993 Quality tolerances for water for swimming pools (first revision)

6494 : 1988 Code of practice for water-proofing of underground water reservoirs and swimming pools