IS 16573 : 2017 / ISO 15535 : 2012 General Requirements for Establishing Anthropometric Databases

ICS 13.180                         PGD 15

Reaffirmed 2022


This Indian Standard which is identical with ISO 15535 : 2012 ‘General requirements for establishing anthropometric databases’ issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the recommendation of the Ergonomics Sectional Committee and approval of the Production and General Engineering Division Council.

The well-being of people is very much dependent on their proportional and geometric relationship with several factors, such as, growth, design principles for clothing, transportation, workplace and homes, as well as, sporting and recreational activities. Implementation of databases on body dimensions of a population supports essential health and safety requirements, as well as, standards in the field of machinery safety and personal protective equipment, and has acquired importance in the devising of computer-generated manikins of the human body. One of the major difficulties in formulating databases on anthropometry is that the numerous existing studies are rarely comparable in the strictest sense. Difficulties arise in comparing one study with another because either the methods used differ or they are not sufficiently well described. The anthropometric standards used for the data collection are fundamental to setting up any anthropometric databases.

The text of ISO Standard has been approved as suitable for publication as an Indian Standard without deviations. Certain conventions are however not identical to those used in Indian Standards. Attention is particularly drawn to the following:

a) Wherever the words ‘International Standard’ appear referring to this standard, they should be read as ‘Indian Standard’.

b) Comma (,) has been used as a decimal marker, while in Indian Standards, the current practice is to use a point (.) as the decimal marker.