IS 16585 : 2016 Magnetic Materials — Specification for Individual Materials — Fe-Based Amorphous Strip Delivered in the Semi-Processed State

ICS 77.140.40                         MTD 04

1. Scope

This standard defines the grades of Fe-based amorphous strip supplied in the semi-processed state, that is without final heat treatment, of nominal thickness 0.025 mm. Other nominal thickness may be specified by agreement between the supplier and the purchaser when ordering. In particular, it gives general requirements, magnetic properties, geometric characteristics, tolerances and technological characteristics, as well as inspection procedures.

This standard applies to the rapidly-solidified Fe-based amorphous strip supplied in coils with as-cast edges and intended for the construction of magnetic circuits of a transformer.

The grades are grouped into two classses as follows:

a) Conventional grades; and

b) High permeability grades.

These materials correspond to Class 1.1 of IEC 60404-1.

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