IS 9873 : Part 3 : 2020/ISO 8124-3 : 2020 Safety of Toys Part 3 Migration of Certain Elements

ICS 97.200.50                         PCD 12

Revised Standard from Last Update.


This Indian Standard (Part 3) (Third Revision) which is identical with ISO 8124-3 : 2020 'Safety of toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements' issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on recommendation of the Plastics Sectional Committee and approval of the Petroleum, Coal and Related Products Division Council.

This standard was first published in 1981 which was based on BS 3443 : 1968 'Code of safety requirements for children's toys and playthings', issued by the British Standards Institution. First revision of this standard was carried out in 1999 to align with ISO 8124-3 : 1997 under dual numbering system. In 2011, through Amendment No.3, the dual number status of this standard was changed to modified adoption for incorporating the safe limits and test method for certain phthalates.

In the second revision, this standard completely aligned with the latest version of ISO 8124-3 : 2010 along with Amendment No. 1 to ISO Standard published in 2014 and incorporating Amendment No. 2 dated October 2010 to the first revision of this standard regarding BIS Certification Marking Clause. For the requirements of certain phthalates as given in Amendment No. 3 to its 1999 version, the Committee decided to publish a separate standard. Further, for methods of test for determination of phthalates, ISO 8124-6 : 2014 'Safety of toys - Part 6: Certain phthalate esters in toys and children's products' was adopted under dual numbering.