IS/ISO 5367 : 2000 : Breathing tubes intended for use with anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators

ICS 11.040.10 MHD 11
Reaffirmed 2017


This Indian Standard which is identical with ISO 5367 : 2000 ‘Breathing tubes intended for use with anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators’ issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the recommendation of the Anaesthetic, Resuscitation and Allied Equipment Sectional Committee and approval of the Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning Division Council.

This standard was first published in 1985 as IS 11363 based on ISO 5367 : 1985. ISO 5367 has since been revised in 1991 and 2000. This standard is now being published in a single number as IS/ISO based on ISO 5367 : 2000 to align with the latest international practices. This standard will, therefore, supersede IS 11363 : 1985 ‘Tubes, breathing for anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators’ and after the publication of this standard IS 11363 shall be treated as withdrawn.

This standard is one of a series dealing with anaesthetic and respiratory equipment. It is primarily concerned with basic requirements for breathing tubes. In this standard all sizes of the breathing tubes are included. Breathing tubes are characterized by the rated flow that a manufacturer claims can be achieved without exceeding specified limits for resistance. The requirements also include means of connection and several test methods.