IS/ISO/IEC 17000 : 2020 Conformity assessment - Vocabulary and general principles

ICS 01.040.03; 03.120.20                         MSD 14

Revised Standard from Last Update.


This Indian Standard (First Revision) which is identical with ISO/IEC 17000 : 2020 'Conformity assessment - Vocabulary and general principles' issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on recommendation of the CASCO - National Mirror Committee and approval of the Management and Systems Division Council.

This Standard was originally published in 2006 which was identical with ISO/IEC 17000 : 2004. The first revision of this standard has been undertaken to align with the latest version of ISO/IEC 17000 : 2020. The text of ISO/IEC Standard has been approved as suitable for publication as an Indian Standard without deviations. Certain terminologies and conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards. Attention is particular drawn to the following:

a) Wherever the words 'International Standard' appear referring to this standard, they should be read as 'Indian Standard'.

b) Comma (,) has been used as a decimal marker, while in Indian Standards, the current practice is to use a point (.) as the decimal marker.