IS/ISO/TS 22002-3 : 2011 Prerequisite Programmes on Food Safety Part 3 Farming

ICS 67.040                         FAD 15

New Standard from Last Update.


This Indian Standard (Part 3) which is identical with ISO/TS 22002-3 : 2011 'Prerequisite programmes on food safety - Part 3: Farming' issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on recommendation of the Food Hygiene, Safety Management and Other Systems Sectional Committee and approval of the Food and Agriculture Division Council. ISO 22002 is published in six parts. The other parts in this series are:

Part 1 Food manufacturing

Part 2 Catering

Part 4 Food packaging manufacturing

Part 5 Transport and Storage

Part 6 Feed and animal food production